11 advantages of composite reinforcement ZAO-RIF

1. Stronger than .
Composite armature has garazdo tensile strength greater than steel, depending on the material, the indicator can byat above from 2 to 10 times!

2. Easier .
Composite reinforcement density of 1.9 t / m. This means that it is only 1.9 times the mass of water and 5 times lighter than iron. The same full-strength ratio of the weight of the composite fittings is 9 times less than that of iron. This reduces the cost of transport and cargo handling, and also facilitates the execution of works on the construction site.

3. Economical .
The use of composite reinforcement can reduce the cost of construction. Cheaper cost of building structures is achieved through the use of composite reinforcement of smaller diameters compared with iron fittings.

4. It does not rust and does not rot.
Composite armature absolutely does not corrode and does not cause the destruction of the concrete. In addition, it practically does not change its mechanical properties in a corrosive environment under the influence of acids, bases and salts.

5. Do not lose the properties at ultralow temperatures.
The composite reinforcement can be used at different temperatures (from -170 to +300 degrees Celsius), it is absolutely without changing its technical and operational characteristics.

6. The low thermal conductivity of .
Thermal conductivity of composite reinforcement 100 times lower than that of iron, it is practically not conducting heat and cold. Correspondingly, it can not be "cold bridges" and significantly reduces heat loss.

7. The coefficient of thermal expansion as that of concrete .
This eliminates the gaps and cracking reinforcement in the concrete layer under the influence of temperature changes.

8. Dielectric . Radioprozrachny. Magnitoenertna.
Composite rebar does not conduct electric current and does not accumulate static energy. Permeable to radio waves. Excludes the change in strength properties of composite reinforcement under the influence of electromagnetic fields. You will not be living in a Faraday cage, as it is now in all high-rise buildings.

9. Durability.
Non-metallic valves increases the service life of structures by 2-3 times compared to iron, especially when exposed to corrosive environments. Permanently eliminates the need for costly repairs. Predicted longevity - no less than 180 years .

10. Environmentally friendly.
Do not emit harmful and toxic substances.

11. Any length of construction .
On request, and the request of the project can be made of any length. Standard 12 meters.